Friday, April 29, 2011

We Love a Good Party!!! is having a Meet & Greet party to introduce their new site!  I know, i know, i is a dog...but the truth is...I LOVE CATS!!!  (except the neighbours cat that is.)  So we are joining da party and below is a little about Dexter's Ruff Life to introduce ourselves along with links to other blogs that are joining da party!  check us all out, join da party and has some fun!

Dexter is a little pup with a big personality. He is an adorable little Yorkie who has a wonderfully refreshing, quirky and surprisingly astute view of the "hooman" world. After looking into his puppy dog eyes, you will find it hard NOT to fall in love with this little guy!

Dexter stars in his own webseries on YouTube with new short episodes (his fans lovingly call "Dextersodes") coming out each Monday & Wednesday. His curiosity about the "hooman" world leads to many funny, quirky and even thought provoking moments; not only for Dexter, but for his hoomans and audience as well!

Dexter's Ruff Life strives to be a cute and humorous oasis in a somtimes less than ideal world. Everyone can use more smiles and we all need to remember to take time to laugh!   

YouTube: Dexter's Ruff Life
Facebook: Dexter's Ruff Life
Twitter: Dexter's Ruff Life
Blogger: Dexter's Ruff Life

This is his most "famous" video Terrier Rap

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Won Da Great Yorkie Bark-Off!

i is top dog!!!
da votes were tabulated and even tho Steve puts up a gooood fight, i came out as da baddest mother puppy around!  tanks to all da fans dat come out and voted and made dis week a lot of fun!  Even tho i came out as top dog, a few lucky fans got to win some pawsome prizes too!!  check out the post by Edie & Frankie on Will My Dog Hate Me for details on the grannd prize winner who gets a personalized harness or collare from Gangs of New Yorkie (i has one of their harnesses and it rocks!) and a custom pop art pet painting done by my mommy! 

BUT, i was also hosting my own little contest for one of my fans to win their very own piggie!  i did the draw and i bet you wanna know who da winner is!  da winner was determined to win da piggie and entered by all 3 ways and even set up a twitter account JUST to enter da contest!!  their name was picked by their twitter ballot entry, and entered into a draw with 2 others (one picked from da comments on the main blog and one from youtube) but in da end ENCHILILA won a piggie!!!!!!  i will be contacting you for your address to send you your piggie.  she looks JUST like my piggie did before years of love and humping.  ;-)

A special thanks goes out to Edie and Franking of Will My Dog Hate Me for hosting this Bark-Off!  go back and search around her blog and site cause she has a lot of great information for all dog lovers!  i hear her book is amazing too and my mommy said she is going to buy it soon, so you shoulod go check it out too!! 

XOXO Dex - Top Dog