Sunday, June 26, 2011

1000 YouTube Subscribers!!! Tank You!!!

Tanks to all of my fans (dats you!) for helping me hit 1000 YouTube Subscribers this weekend!!! i is such a happy pup! when i started, i figered a few people might watch me (mainly family) and maybe only a couple of dos people would find me funny. turns out dat is is a funny pup to other peoples dan just mommy! i is sending out big puppy kisses to everyone who helped me reach 1000 Subscribers!!!

As a thank you, i want to has a fun contest fur some of my fans to win some really cool prizes so i is throwing a Video Scavengar Hunt!!! Dis is how it wil work:

  • Every day I will post 1 - 2 Question clues on my Facebook Page. The clues will go up at no particular times throughout the day and the guessing will end when i post saying voting is closed.

  • All of the answers to the questions can be found in Dexter's Ruff Life videos found on my YouTube Channel here: Dexter's Ruff Life    if you don't know the answer, you must hunt through my videos to find the correct answer!

  • once you think you know the answer, you must post it in responce to the question i posted on Facebook. You can only guess once per question.

  • when i decide guessing is over, i will post that voting is closed for that round. then i will use to choose one winner from all da people who posted da correct answer!

  • Da winner of each round will receive a small prize (doggy collar/harness charm) and a ballot into da drawing of da grand prize!!!

  • even if you win one round, you can still enter da other rounds and still have a chance to win. if you happen to win 3 rounds, den you get 3 ballots into da grand prize draw! so da more you play, da more chances you has to win!

  • dis part is not necissary, but if you love me, when you are surfing around looking for da answer, please remember to "Like" "Favourtie" and "Comment" on as many videos in YouTube as possible! Dis helps YouTube recognize dat i has content dat people want to interact with and makes them more likely to promote my channel, which makes it possible fur me to kep making videos for you!!!

da contest will run for just under a week wif da grand prize drawing to be made on Saturday July 2nd ** Just added a second and third place prize too!!!  My furiends at have generously offered up a bunch of great prizes!!!!***

What is da grand prize?? well, we hope to be adding some tings to dis package, but at da moment we is giving away:

  1. a fancy dog necklace hand made by mommy. (for boy doggies, we can come up with an alternative)
  2. a doggy cuddle blanket hand made by mommy (for either a boy or a girl)
  3. a gorgeous, reversible dog bandana with velcro by Pretty Modern
  4. an amazing Blanket ID tag
  5. a Nina Ottosson Toy from
  6. and of course, your very own piggy!

2nd place Prize Package
  1. Fancy Dog Necklace made by mommy
  2. Doggy toy basket (various toys from
  3. an amazing Blanket ID tag

3rd Place Prize Package
  1. Doggy treat basket (various treat items from
  2. an amazing Blanket ID tag

We hope to be adding to this list of prizes durring the week also! Don't have a dog, but still want to play? no problem! if someone wins who doesn't have a dog, we can customize the package to be more for a hooman :)

I hope everyone has fun!!!!

XOXO Dexter

(contest is open to anyone in Canada or USA)