Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That's Right! the Great Yorkie Bark-Off is coming next Monday, March 28th!!! me vs. Steve (from Gangs of New Yorkie) in a battle of doggy rhymes. Da best part is that YOU get to decide who wins...and voting can win you and your pup fabulous prizes! Become a fan of Dexter's Ruff Life on Facebook to get updated on all da informations!!

The Bark-Off is being Produced and hosted by Will My Dog Hate Me?  Dat is where da main contest will be held, so follow dems on Facebook to get all da information first!!!  but me and Gangs of New Yorkie will have our own mini contests going on too and i am sure der will be a lot of fun doggy trash talkin going on all week, so "like" Gangs of New Yorkie on FB and follow dem on twitter to keep up on all da yorkie goodness! 

xoxo Dex

When asked about the project, Dexter and Steve have been quoted to say: "This ain't your normal dog fight, we don't bite or pull out fur. This is a battle of wits, we fight using our words..."


  1. Dex you Rule , all others drool ...
    I am rooting for ya , So is Sunshine an Summer .

  2. Yay!!! It's finally out in the open! Let's do it, kiddo!