Monday, March 28, 2011

The Great Yorkie Bark-Off is Here!!!!

The Great Yorkie Bark-Off is finally here!!!  Edie & Frankie from Will My Dog Hate Me? brought Steve (Gangs of New Yorkie) and me together for the greatest Yorkie battle in the history of dogs that pups around the world will be talking about for YEARS to come!!! 

Dis battle is being hosted by Edie & Frankie at Will My Dog Hate Me? so after you read this post, go check it out! watch da video and den you get to vote on da baddest mother puppy around and can also comment on her blog to win great prizes!  full details are on her blog, but my mommy and me are givin away a custom 8 x 10 pop-art pet painting done by my mommy! She can take almost any picture of your favourite fur-butt and create a custom work of art for you!  some examples of her work are at the bottom of dis post. 

but wait, der is MORE!  not ONLY is der a contest on Will My Dog Hate Me?  i is also throwing a mini contests to spread even more bark-off joy!!!  Guess what prize I am giving away for my mini contest???   A PIGGIE!!!!!  dats right.  mommy came home one days with an armfull of piggies JUST LIKE MINE!!!  (just pinker, not missing a ear, no holes and all round newer) and we is giving one away to one lucky Dexter's Ruff Life fan!  Der are three ways to enter to win a piggie:

  • go to Will My Dog Hate Me? and vote and comment on their blog.  this will make you automatically enter the main contest and give you ONE ballot into my mini contest

  • log onto twitter and tweet this exact sentence that is in blue...   I Just Voted For @DextersRuffLife in The Great Yorkie Bark-Off!      Dis will get you a SECOND ballot into my mini draw

  • Click on dis  VIDEO LINK and "LIKE" "FAVOURITE" and "COMMENT" on da video in YouTube!  dat will get you a 3rd ballot into da piggie draw!!

Contest Closes at midnight, EST April 3nd 2011

Also go check out the fun happening over at Gangs of New Yorkie!  Even though Steve and i are in a battle right now (ggggrrrrrrrrr)  i has a feeling dat they has some cool stuffs going on over there too!

i hope everyone has a Bark-Off good time dis week!!!