Friday, April 29, 2011

We Love a Good Party!!! is having a Meet & Greet party to introduce their new site!  I know, i know, i is a dog...but the truth is...I LOVE CATS!!!  (except the neighbours cat that is.)  So we are joining da party and below is a little about Dexter's Ruff Life to introduce ourselves along with links to other blogs that are joining da party!  check us all out, join da party and has some fun!

Dexter is a little pup with a big personality. He is an adorable little Yorkie who has a wonderfully refreshing, quirky and surprisingly astute view of the "hooman" world. After looking into his puppy dog eyes, you will find it hard NOT to fall in love with this little guy!

Dexter stars in his own webseries on YouTube with new short episodes (his fans lovingly call "Dextersodes") coming out each Monday & Wednesday. His curiosity about the "hooman" world leads to many funny, quirky and even thought provoking moments; not only for Dexter, but for his hoomans and audience as well!

Dexter's Ruff Life strives to be a cute and humorous oasis in a somtimes less than ideal world. Everyone can use more smiles and we all need to remember to take time to laugh!   

YouTube: Dexter's Ruff Life
Facebook: Dexter's Ruff Life
Twitter: Dexter's Ruff Life
Blogger: Dexter's Ruff Life

This is his most "famous" video Terrier Rap


  1. Dexter is the cutest!!! Thanks for introducing him, his Terrier Rap just brightened our Friday! SO CUTE!!

  2. Dexter is such a cutie!!!


  3. We love Dexter and follow him all over the place!! My favorite is still the "I Wanna Go Outside" video!!!!

  4. Cute pup!

    Michelle & Toby
    My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much

  5. Came by on the Meet & Greet party!

    Nice video...good to see Dexter's maintaining, in his thug life.

  6. Just dropping by from the Meet & Greet! You are pretty darn cte - can't wait to see more posts!

  7. Great to meet you, Dexter!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Hello, Dexter! Just stopping by on the blog hop. You're a cute pup!

  9. Helloooo! I saw you on the party blog hop and wanted to say Hi!

    I loved watching Dexter's video -- what a cute little gangsta pup! ;)

    Woofs & weekend hugs,